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Spanish Hand Fan Online Shop , B2b and Events

Spanish Hand Fans Shop, Design & Individualization

With our roots in Spain, we love Spanish hand fans . To us, they are the perfect sustainable help on hot days - made from wood and fabric, handcrafted in Spain they help us to get some fresh air. The love for these products was the start of the design & distribution of Spanish hand fans in Europe and overseas. Due to the demand, we started to sell classic hand fans to our customers. You can find our range of classic design in our online shop. In addition to that, we can also fully customize the hand fans for your event, marketing, merchandising, or your own business designs.

B2C - get your hand fan for your Wedding, Party or as a gift to a friend

If you need one to thirty fans, you can just buy it in our online shop. You will have the option to add a beautiful hand lettering of your choice on it. Our online shop is in German language at the moment - if you have difficulties in the translation, please e-mail us.

If you need more than 30 hand fans, we kindly ask you to e-mail us in any case
Starting with 50 hand fans we can also offer you a completely customized design - from the wood to the fabrics. If you have a design, just send it to us. We also create your design for your Wedding or Event.

We take care of everything - from the idea and the design up to the production and packaging.

B2B - get the hand fan for your Business or as Merchandising Product

Do you want to gift some hand fans to your business partners? Or you just had the idea to add a new product to your shop? You are a fashion designer and would like to sell some hand fans that fit your outfits?

We can offer you several types of individualization and personalization for your brand.

Hand fans - personalization or your complete your own design

We have several possibilities to individualize your fans. Adding hand lettering or printing a logo, changing the color of the complete fan, changing the wood, printing an own graphic design, or a photo of a person, a piece of art, or anything else - everything is possible

Hand lettering

Handfächer personalisiern mit Handlettering

Starting from one piece, you can personalize your fans with hand-lettering. This can be a name, initials, or a nice saying. Anything under 12 characters is possible.

Up to 30 pieces you can easily order this option in our Online Store.

P.S.: If you also want to decorate other things with hand lettering: We will do that for you ;)


Personalisierter Handfächer bedruckt

From a minimum of 80 pieces, we will also print the first wood bar of your hand fans with your logo, slogan, or other text. You can choose between all colors of the palette.

Get your own design

deisgne deinen eigenen Handfächer

Do you want your own designed hand fan? Starting from orders of 50 pieces we can create your own design. Depending on the quantity we can offer you different types of wood and fabrics - just e-mail us.
You can send us your design, or we create it for you. Whatever you need - we will take care of it.

This sounds interesting to you?
Just e-mail us with your request, and we will be happy to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions about out hand fans

Where do you produce the hand fans?

BohoQuartier fans are produced in Spain. They can be ordered as a single item in our hand fan online shop or from up to 50 pieces for company celebrations, parties or as advertising material directly from us. Depending on the requirements, own designs are made or the existing hand fans are individualized to match to your ideas.

What colors are available for the fabric and the woodbars?"

Depending on which model you choose, we can order different colors. For example, we have the Model Esmeralda in 24 different colors. But we can also print your fan with the color of your choice from 50 pieces.

I would like to order hand fans with my logo. Is that possible?

Yeah sure! Just send us the request form and the logo - we will take a closer look and send you an example.

Can I also have a photo printed on the hand fan?

We can print your pictures, photos, designs - whatever you like.

How do I have to send the print data?"

We need photos or vector files in 300dpi. You are also welcome to send me the design and we will adapt it to the fan for a small fee. If you want a more elaborated design, we will contact you with an offer.

How many pieces do I have to order at least?

There are individual pieces in the online shop. For complete customization, at least 50 pieces must be ordered. Just e-mail us.

Can I order a sample to check the quality?

Sure. The sample will be offset and then credited when ordering.

How are the hand fans packed? Is there any additional gift wrapping?

Our compartments are, of course, packed unbreakable. Basically, they just have rubber bands on top. We can, however, offer additional cardboard packaging or sewn bags.

Do you also deliver abroad?

Yes! In our online shop you can currently only have deliveries to the EU. We are also happy to deliver elsewhere - just e-mail us.

How long does the delivery take?

Personalized single items in the online shop can be with you in Austria and Germany in a maximum of 7-10 working days. With a larger number and your own designs, it can take between 2 and 8 weeks - depending on the model.

Can I also pick up the hand fans?

Basically yes, but please make an appointment. Due to the current situation, the handover will only take place at distance - for the safety of all of us. We also sell our products in some stores in Austria like Fachl Linz, Fachl Graz & Fachl Salzburg

You have a question regarding our hand fans? just e-mail us!

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